Education Model

Keşif Kampüsü

Education Models

Purpose of Education

Kesif Kampusu includes applied workshop training for the 6-14 age group within Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry & Human Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, Personal Development, Astronomy & Aviation and Supportive Education Workshops.

The purpose of the education to be given at Kesif Kampusu is to bring science and technology to large masses in the society, to raise awareness and increase interest in these fields in every layer of society, especially our children and youth.

Education Models

In Kesif Kampusu, there are different education models for weekday and weekend students.

Weekday Model:

With the theme of “A Different Day in Education”, it is an education model in which 1st-4th grade students with their schools receive workshop training throughout the day on the specified dates.

Weekend Model:

It is a 384-hour applied education model that 4th and 5th grade students who are successful in the written and project exams will take on weekends for 2 years within the scope of a regular curriculum.