Who Are We

Who We Are

Keşif Kampüsü

Keşif Kampüs is a children's university project created by the Technology Team Foundation of Turkey to blend science and technology and bring them together with children, the building blocks of our future. At the Keşif Kampüs, students receive education based on inquiry and discovery in various fields of science in thematic workshops. In addition to these, various art and personal development trainings and workshops that support students' development in social and emotional areas are organized.

At the Keşif Kampüs, school groups consisting of 1st-4th grade students receive education on weekdays, while students selected by exam will receive career and awareness trainings in 8 different fields with the spiral curriculum method on weekends for 2 years. The different discovery areas in each theme enable students to learn the concepts presented in the workshops by experimenting and experiencing thanks to various experimental setups.

In addition to thematic workshops and discovery areas, the Keşif Kampüs includes the Deneyap Technology Workshop and the Entrepreneurship Workshop.






Exploration Area


Experimental Set up